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In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of  Nirvana, the Founding Fathers of Grunge, we have created a unique show for the fans pairing up Nirvana’s legendary founding drummer Chad Channing with Bleach the top international Nirvana Tribute band in the world.   Joined together from Seattle, Washington and Rome, Italy these guys have created an amazing show for the fans to celebrate the legacy of Nirvana.  Chad Channing was there in the beginning and was involved in creating several of the band’s biggest hits and he decided that he wants to take these hits to the fans to enjoy live one last time before closing the door on that chapter of his life.  


This show is exclusive and will only be performed to a very limited number of shows around the world, less then 25 shows total. 



In March 2018 the artists performed four (4) shows in Eastern Europe, booked through a different agent.






Vilnius, LT


22 – 52 Euro


Riga, LV


30 Euro


Tallinn, EST

Toniraba Ice

35 Euro


Helsinki, FI


39 / 49 Euro



 TOURING DATES: 06.09.2018 – 15.09.2018


TOURING PARTY: 7 TOTAL -  5 Artists & 2 Crew



The show guarantee is 7000 EURO + Simple Backline, Catering (1 Meal After Show), Small Hospitality Rider, Immigration Processing (if required), Ground Transportation for touring party, and Four (4) Rooms for 1 Night at a Hotel rated 3 or Above Stars – Rooms will be one (1) King Room for Headlining Artist Mr. Chad Channing and three (3) Double Rooms. 


Additional Option – for an additional 500 Euro (to bring the total to 7500 Euro) the Purchaser will be the only authorized agent to sell marked up VIP Upgrades to the fans that would include meeting the artists, signing autographs, taking photos, and hanging out with the fans. Purchaser would need to provide glossy show posters (must be approved by Artist prior to printing) for each participant for Chad and the band to sign, as well as new permanent markers (Silver color works best) to use during the signing.  Artists will spend up to an hour with the fans, during the Meet & Greet, so that each fan will have the opportunity to enjoy the Meet and Greet and not feel rushed. 



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